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Investor cabinet

  • We offer to the investor:

    15% per annum while investing for 3 months (90 days)
    18% per annum for investing 6 months (180 days)
    22% per annum while investing for 12 months (365 days) (limited offer)
  • Our advantages:

  • Safe investment in the real exchange business;
    More favorable terms than offered by banks in foreign currency;
  • Additional bonuses in the form of discounts on exchanges and increased the percentage of income from the structure.
  • Privilege:

  • For the investor there is a dedicated express support: by phone (answer within 5 minutes);
  • When investing in the amount of 1000.00 USD  period of 90 days or more — discount: 0.15%
  • When investing in the amount of 5000.00 USD  period of 90 days or more — 0.25%;
  • When investing in the amount of 10000.00 USD – partnership interest will be equal to 0.50%.
  • Guarantees: 
  • – Reputation. We have about 2 years on the market, there is information on the forum MMGP.RU, monitoring BESTCHANGE.COM, and other;
  • – All accounts and cards are registered to one person;
  • – The possibility of early return of the deposit*;
  • Where will your money: exclusively reserves exchanger for profit on turnover.


  • How to become an investor: you must be a registered user of the site, fill out your profile as full of information, after which you will see on this page investment unit, the terms of the deposit amount.We accept money for EPS: Perfect Money (USD), Payeer (USD), Okpay (USD), You can also consider individual alternatives of payment of deposits (for this please contact us by mail or chat operator).


  • O Regulation means: the return of the deposit and interest shall be credited at the end of the same account from which payment was made.
    Time processing application for withdrawal – up to 72 hours.

*In case of early return of the deposit compensation is paid 10% per annum, but if after the deposit was less than 15 days of the payment system commission is not compensated, and the interest payments are not made.


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